Actionable Insights to Improve Productivity

Quotient gives engineering teams customized actions to improve productivity based on data from systems and developer perspective.

Why Quotient?

Traditional developer productivity tools paint a partial picture using only system data, and leave teams with the hardest job: turning data into meaningful action. Quotient gives engineering teams a clear plan based on a full picture of productivity, ensuring every team reaches their maximum potential.

Transparent to your team

Research-Backed Developer Surveys

Quotient collects sentiment metrics about the developer experience through an anonymous developer survey, powered by the SPACE framework.

Team Recommendations

Every month, Quotient recommends a new area to prioritize productivity efforts. Focusing on a single area means you can more effectively improve on what matters most to your team.

Weekly Improvements

Get weekly, research-backed actions based on your team's unique data. Use weekly improvements to drive measurable improvement in your team's productivity.

How it Works

Get The Full Picture

Quotient combines system metrics with developer perspective to get a full picture of the team's strengths and areas of opportunity.

Receive A Priority Recommendation

Quotient analyzes the team's data and recommends a customized team priority for the month based on the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Get Weekly Actions and Insights

Craft a clear plan to meet and exceed your goals. Ensure the entire team is working together and towards a common goal.

Build Better Products, Faster

Get the insights you need to drive tangible results. Build a repeatable framework for success that scales with you.

Engineering from a Human Perspective

Whether you're a Manager, Executive, or Developer, we understand the data and action items you need to drive growth and unlock your team’s full potential.

For Managers

Quotient looks at the big picture and offers tangible next steps so you can hit and exceed product milestones and outcomes.

For Executives

Give stakeholders peace of mind and ship new features with ease. With a productive and happy team, anything is possible.

For Developers

Quotient fosters team collaboration and helps every contributor become the best possible team member.

Uncover Your Team's True Potential

Our mission is to give development teams access to the best engineering cultures. See for yourself how Quotient can increase velocity, improve team health and deliver better product outcomes.