Drive productivity with the right team context

Quotient uses the SPACE framework to give you research-backed actions that empower your team and drive productivity.

Missing a clear path to improved productivity?

Existing developer productivity solutions create an incomplete view of productivity, and leave teams with the most challenging job of turning data into action.

Quotient turns good teams, into great teams

Quotient builds a contextually-aware view of your team's productivity and the path to improve it. With our unique model, you can combine feedback from your team with real-time system metrics to truly understand where to improve.

Identify Gaps

Gain a full picture of productivity and uncover the direct actions needed for improvement.

Include Developer Perspective

Autonomously collect data through monthly, research-backed developer surveys.

Set Clear Goals

Go from information to action by setting clear goals based on recommended actions.

Get Better, Faster

You can't improve what you don't measure. Use Quotient to track improvements in productivity to improve team velocity.


Research-backed developer surveys

Automatically collect sentiment data using developer surveys, powered by the SPACE framework.

Monthly, AI-powered  recommendations

Receive a contextually-aware summary of how productivity has changed.

Integrations with your team's work

Connect to your team's productivity tools to collect meaningful data about team collaboration.

Weekly data updates

Get real-time updates to your team's system metrics so you can collect early signals of change.

Survey highlights

Distill dozens of DevEx metrics into the top movers for your team. Bring attention to the issues that are affecting your team the most.

Curated metrics

Simplify the sea of metrics by looking at a curated, research-backed view of the metrics that matter most to your team.

Better Engineering Culture

Quotient gives you the data and sentiments you need to create a better engineering environment. Foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork by discovering what matters most.

Increased Velocity

Ship more features and remove bottlenecks.

Optimized Development

Drive better product outcomes and increase developer effectiveness.

Enhanced Collaboration

Take actions to build better products, together as a team.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Quotient and its implementation.

How do I try Quotient?

Contact us to schedule a demo of the product.

How does Quotient work?

Quotient gives engineering teams actions to improve productivity based on data from their system and developer perspective. Quotient combines real-time data from your software systems with a monthly developer survey to create a comprehensive view of the team and a path to improved productivity.

Is the data available to the team?

Yes. Research shows that sharing data with the team builds trust, transparency, and authentic responses. We believe the team should own developer productivity, instead of creating bottlenecks at the management layer. By sharing anonymized, aggregated data with the team, engineers provide more honest perspective and improve the team’s productivity faster.

Does Quotient create the developer surveys?

Yes. We worked with researchers that specialize in software engineering research and behavioral science, including co-authors of the SPACE framework, to create a developer survey that uncovers over 20 perception metrics. Quotient runs the developer survey with the team, analyzes results, and recommends team actions based on developer perspective and system metrics.

How do I implement Quotient?

Hook up Quotient to the places your team works (ie Github) and collaborates (ie Slack), and let Quotient do the rest. Most customers receive their first batch of insights within a week.

Uncover Your Team's True Potential

Our mission is to give development teams access to the best engineering cultures. See for yourself how Quotient can increase velocity, improve team health and deliver better product outcomes.